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Container Tilter

Drive Through Container Loading System

Robust and durable container loading systems that work harder, faster and longer.

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More and more companies involved in the recycling industry are using containers to export processed metals and other materials.

FTL, in partnership with Dunn Bros Machinery Ltd, have developed a fast, efficient, safe and very cost effective system for off-loading containers and inverting them through 90 degrees to the vertical for loading, then returning them to the delivery vehicle in a matter of 15 minutes.

The equipment is capable of safely handling containers based on 33,000kg gross container weight having a payload of 28,000kgs.

The simple cycle is;

  • The container delivery vehicle drives forward through, or reverses into the machine directed by fixed guides.
  • Lockable container hooks suspended on wire rope slings are easily attached to the four corners of the container and it is lifted horizontally form the delivery vehicle which then drives out of the machine.
  • The rear gate is closed onto the container and securely locked into position.
  • The access platform is closed and secured into position.
  • The tilting mechanism is operated moving the container through 90 degrees to the vertical for loading to commence.
  • During the loading process the weight is accurately relayed via load cells in the support gate to a digital read-out for the operator to monitor.
  • Once loaded the operator climbs to the access platform to close and secure the container doors.
  • The container is then returned to the horizontal, the gates opened, the delivery vehicle reversed in and the full container is lowered onto the vehicle and secured.

Our machine offers;

  • A very safe method of loading the maximum payload into each container.
  • A fast and efficient method of loading (up to 4 containers / hour)
  • Fast and easy location for the delivery vehicle.
  • If necessary the fully loaded container can be returned to the vertical during the lowering operation.
  • No need for expensive reach trucks.
  • With the option of remote, wireless control the machine can be operated by one man, saving the considerable cost of a second operative.


This machine can be adapted to handle 40’ containers and also for the unloading of containers


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