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It’s not only about the equipment, it’s also about the end product

FTL Foundry Equipment attracts good visitor numbers to its exhibition stand at GIFA by displaying high quality moulds and NASCAR castings alongside world-class equipment.

A marked increase in enquiries and orders for both Green Sand and No-Bake equipment together with a renewed interest in thermal reclamation equipment including confirmed orders are the successful results of GIFA according to FTL Foundry Equipment.

Welcoming visitors from around the world and witnessing particular interest from Turkey, Russia, India and the UK, the established moulding and material handling systems manufacturer reported a noticeable shift in enquiries and a more confident customer base.
“We had a lot more enquiries for greensand equipment particularly from Eastern Block nations which is fairly indicative of how we have seen the market shift recently, especially with increased volume needs,” said John Griffiths of FTL. “We picked up several orders as a direct result of our attendance at GIFA and the contacts we made. The show also gave us the opportunity to talk to decision makers and progress things that we had been working on prior to the exhibition. It’s also a chance to see people in a relaxed atmosphere away from the foundry.”

Of particular note was the finalising of the specifications and order for a Carousel N-Bake Moulding Plant and Sand Reclamation  System for a leading Istanbul foundry.   FTL already has a proven track record in the Konya and Izmir areas of Turkey and is now successfully winning orders in Ankara and Istanbul thanks to a raised profile in the country. There was a noticeable increase in the number of Turkish foundrymen visiting the stand at this GIFA compared to previous years and discussions were also held with new suppliers about future projects.

Central to FTL’s GIFA exhibits was a 30tonne articulated mixer with automatic resin blending control system, compaction table with frequency control and 1200 x 1400 x 450 rollover strip machine – equipment all destined for a customer in Turkey - and which proved a real draw at the show especially amongst fellow Turkish and Russian foundries.

Indeed during the GIFA period numerous enquires and orders were processed for Russian foundries, a market which John says is full of potential and rebounding very strongly.

Perhaps one of the strongest attractions on the FTL stand were the moulds for transmission housings for commercial trucks and the NASCAR cylinder blocks and cylinder head castings produced by Grainger and Worrall Ltd in the UK using FTL equipment. Brian Griffiths takes up the story: “We wanted to show foundrymen what our equipment can do and Grainger and Worrall kindly supported us in this. There was lots of interest in the quality of moulds and castings on the stand and it gave a much better impression of what can be achieved with the right moulding equipment.” Grainger and Worrall based in Bridgnorth, Shropshire specialises in complex high quality castings and FTL is proud of its association with them after recently installing a new Mixing, Mould Handling and Reclamation Plant at the World-Leading facility in 2010.


FTL attracts good visitor numbers to this exhibition stand at GIFA by displaying high quality mould
and NASCAR castings alongside world class equipment

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