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Preparation & Control of Green Sand Systems

  • green sand moulding1High Intensity Green Sand Mixers
  • Complete Integrated Green Sand Plants
  • Rotary Knockout and Cleaning Drums
  • Rapid Homogenous Mixing
  • Low Operating and Maintenance Costs
  • Automatic Moisture Control and Batch Weighing
  • High Quality Sand
  • Automated Sand Plants
  • Additives Bulk Storage and Pneumatic Conveying
  • Programmable Control Systems
  • In House PLC Panels

Preparation and Control of Green Sand Systems

Central to FTL’s activities is the mixing and control of high quality green sand essential for the operation of today’s moulding lines. FTL supplies high intensity mixers and complete integrated sand plants. FTL has also achieved considerable world-wide success with its automatic moisture control system.

However advanced or complex, today’s green sand moulding machines are still reliant on the efficiency of the foundry’s sand plant. High quality moulds can only be produced from high quality sand.

green sand moulding

High Intensity Mixers

FTL is the UK’s leading manufacturer of high intensity green sand mixers, typified by the 2000 Series. These PLC controlled mixers employ a combination of rotating pan, low speed stirrer and high speed agitator to thoroughly mix the sand, water, clay and other additions.
The pan and walls are fitted with removable bonded rubber wear resistant liners. Other features include a central hydraulically operated bottom-discharge door, with rapid discharge plough to empty the mixer, minimising cycle times.

Automatic centralised lubrications ensure even distribution of lubricant to all parts of the mixer. A wide range of sizes are available with the FTL 2000 Series, from 10 to 100 tph.

green sand moulding

Automatic Moisture Control

An increasing number of FTL clients are specifying the company’s automatic moisture controller. The system measures the moisture content and temperature of the sand as it feeds into the mixer batch hopper prior to mixing. It then calculates the exact amount of water to be added to the sand batch discharged into the mixer to bring the moisture content to the required level.

Rotary Knockout and Cleaning Drums

DIDION Rotary Media Drums take castings and sprues directly from the moulding line through a highly efficient separation and scrubbing process by means of a gentle tumbling action. A specially formulated, re-circulated media removes even the most stubborn cling and core sand. Such is the efficiency of the concentrated process that savings on shot blasting of up to 60% have been confirmed. The Drum’s simple, smooth, low power, rotary drive system eliminates vibration, excessive foundation loads and reduces maintenance.

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