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No - Bake Moulding

3d model moulding plantOur equipment can help you with:

  • Increased Production
  • Reduced Labour Costs
  • Low Capital Costs
  • Reduced Scrap and Fettling
  • Reduced Sand and Resin Costs
  • Accurate Moulds and High Quality Castings
  • Flexible Production
  • Automated Control Systems


Automated Casting Production

Mould handling systems are tailored to suit each foundry utilising a combination of standardised products.  Moulding carousels, fast loops and shuttle systems are selected to meet all production requirements with varying mould sizes, curing times and production rates, designed to suit the available space.

FTL can offer a full range of ancillary items such as:
  • no bake mouldingAutomated mould identification and tracking
  • Rollover strip machines, fully or semi automated
  • Flood coating stations
  • Mould drying
  • Coring and closing conveyors
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic or electric Manipulators with rollover facility where required (Lift capacity 250kg - 9000kg)
  • Mould pouring and cooling systems
  • Transfer cars
  • Hydraulic pushers
  • Mould lift and wipe off systems
  • Knockout and reclamation
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