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Other Equipment

other foundry equipmentOther Equipment includes:

  • Lost Foam Moulding
  • Molten Metal Treatment and Handling
  • Moulding Boxes
  • Casting, Cleaning Cooling and Inspection
  • Materials and Mechanical Handling Systems

FTL meets today’s criteria of understanding the market and delivering solutions that are reliable, on time, more productive and cost-effective.-effective.

The Competitive Edge

FTL specialises in both stand alone and turnkey equipment being able to offer consultancy backed up by practical experience and design expertise.  FTL’s extensive technical and process knowledge helps to ensure the development other foundy equipment2of cost effective solutions that can be brought up to full production with the minimum of disruption. This enables customers to quickly achieve improved casting quality, productivity and payback.

FTL has the expertise and capability to help customers develop and expand production output. With this proven track record for reliability, quality and above all full commitment to providing the right solution for its customer, this approach has helped maintain FTL’s position as one of the UK’s top suppliers.

FTL provides a wide range of high quality reliable equipment, not only in no bake and green sand moulding, but also in Lost Foam Moulding with a range of vibratory compaction filling stations and automated mould handling equipment.

FTL has expanded the well proven, robust and reliable mould handling into more specialised fields such as automated mould assembly, storage and cooling.

FTL also can provide a number of products for molten metal treatment and handling, including:

  • Cold blast and hot blast cupolas
  • Emission Control
  • Melting and electric furnace vibratory chargers
  • Ladles and treatment vessels
  • Lip axis pouring ladles
  • Monorail Systems
  • Metal transfer

latets generation of foundry equipmentThe latest generation of FTL/Wrib long campaign cupolas can provide impressive quantities of hot metal to close specifications, hour after hour. Particulate emissions are contained to below 20mg per cu.m.

FTL also has a wide range of vibratory equipment developed over many years of practical experience in the foundry industry including, vibratory sand conveyors and casting cooling conveyors.

FTL are specialist in materials and mechanical handling systems and can offer as part of our product range:

  • Storage silos
  • Blowing Systems
  • Weighing and Blending
  • Vacuum cleaning and handling

FTL’s reputation has been extended to the growing export markets with significant overseas contracts in Russia, Poland, Turkey, Scandinavia, Spain, France, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and the Middle East.

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